Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Beginners Introduction to ASP.NET


I have seen many tutorials on ASP.NET but most of them starts with coding and writing your first ASP.NET Program. But here I has written this tutorial for explaining why there is a need for ASP.NET when classy ASP is working fine and what are the underlying technology behind ASP.NET, What programming model ASP.NET Provides to programmers. Now let us get started.

ASP.NET is the new offering for Web developers from the Microsoft. It is not simply the next-generation of ASP; in fact, it is a completely re-engineered and enhanced technology that offers much, much more than traditional ASP and can increase productivity significantly.
Because it has evolved from ASP, ASP.NET looks very similar to its predecessor—but only at first sight. Some items look very familiar, and they remind us of ASP. But concepts like Web Forms, Web Services, or Server Controls gives ASP.NET the power to build real Web applications.

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